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Transforming Transport Participation in NECTAR CONFERENCE

TransformingTransport participated to the three-day 14th NECTAR Internatinonal Conference: Transport in a networked society. The conference was held in Madrid, Spain, from the 31st of May till the 2nd of June 2017 and organized by: NECTAR Network, tGIS, TRANSyT-UPM and the EU Joint Research Centre (JRC). TT was represented by UPM as the organizer of the event and more specifically by the coordinating partner (INDRA) in the main session on June the 2nd with the title: “Transfer transport innovations into business and institutions”. The session was chaired by Stephane Petti from the EIB and counted with the participation of different transport operators and authorities of Spain.

The conference contributed to the debate on aspects such as the consequences of ICTs on transport, their potential to be disruptive to existing public transport services, their implications for spatial and economic developments, equity issues such as the digital divide, the modelling of these new forms of interaction and its related uncertainty.

Almost 150 participants from 23 countries took part in the Conference, hosted by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), the conference constitutes one of the periodical activities organized by NECTAR-Network.

NECTAR (Network on European Communications and Transport Activity Research) is an initiative of the European Science Foundation (ESF) in Strasbourg to favor fundamental, social science instigated thinking on transportation and mobility. Rather than adopting a conventional engineering approach, the focus was mainly on social, economic, psychological and institutional aspects and driving forces of the transportation and communication sector.

TT Research Paper at CAiSE 2017

The first research paper of TransformingTransport was featured in the main conference track of the 29th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering – CAiSE 2017. CAiSE took place in Essen, Germany, from June 12-16, 2017, and attracted over 350 participants. CAiSE is one of the largest gatherings of information systems researchers worldwide.

As the paper’s main author, Andreas Metzger from paluno (The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology of the University of Duisburg-Essen), presented the work on “Predictive business process monitoring considering reliability estimates”. The main idea behind the work is to generate additional information for decision making during predictive analytics. In particular, reliability estimates facilitate differentiating between more or less accurate predictions. The paper showed that for a real-world airfreight use case and data set, cost savings of up to 54%, with 14% savings on average, could be achieved.

The paper is available as gold open access at:

The presentation slides are available at:

TT Showcased at Trans-Atlantic Symposium on ICT Technology and Policy

TransformingTransport was showcased during the panel on “Smart Transportation and ICT: Topics for Collaboration” that was organized as part of the Trans-Atlantic Symposium on ICT Technology and Policy, which took place in Minneapolis, USA from June19-20, 2017. The symposium brought together around 80 experts from Europe and the US to jointly discuss novel avenues for collaboration.

The panel discussed emerging technology areas and trends related to smart transportation that offer opportunities for EU-US cooperation in research and innovation. Andreas Metzger from paluno (The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology of the University of Duisburg-Essen) and Technical Coordinator of TransformingTransport, presented the opportunities for big data in transportation. As a particular case in point, TransformingTransport was showcased as one of the major lighthouse projects related to smart transportation.

The presentation slides are available at:

TransformingTransport 2nd GA meeting in Madrid

The TransformingTransport 2nd GA project meeting took place in Madrid on 6 – 8 June 2017. The meeting was hosted by the UPM (on the first day) and INDRA (on the second and third days).

We thank all the partners participated and contributed to this important 3-day event!

TransformingTransport in the ITF 2017 Summit!

TransformingTransport participated to the three-day International Transport Forum (ITF) 2017 Summit on 31/05 – 2/06/2017 in Leipzig, Germany with a presentation during the Open Stage Café on the first day of the event and the project stand at the event’s exhibition showcasing its work to more than 1 000 decision-makers from government and business, academia and media from around 70 countries. 

The Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum is the premier global transport policy event. Since 2008, the Summit brings together ministers from around the world to share policy perspectives with CEOs, heads of international organisations, thought leaders from civil society and academia, and the media. This vibrant conference addresses strategic and topical issues across all transport modes where participants can engage in the debate through a variety of session formats.

The ITF’s 2017 Summit on Governance of Transport explored the trends shaping transport governance and identify the most pressing challenges in the transport sector. Through the governance lens, it focused on infrastructure, global connectivity, the right regulation for innovation, and urban access and mobility. 

TT in the Digital Innovation Forum 2017

Transforming Transport project was hosted on the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) stand during the two-day international  Digital Innovation Forum (DIF 2017) on 10 -11 May 2017 in Amsterdam.

DIF 2017 is the industry-driven Digital innovation conference in Europe, showing R&I results and emerging challenges towards a vision of the future for and built by industry.

This first edition of the Digital Innovation Forum was dedicated to ‘Digital Transformation’.

TransformingTransport in the XVII Spanish Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems

TransformingTransport project was presented during the XVII Spanish Congress on ITS.

The Congress was carried out by the ITS Spain on 25-27 April 2017. Exhibition and networking areas were available for professionals and all the interested who wished to get informed and exchange opinions on the current and future trends of the market.

More information (in Spanish):


The meeting took place at the INDRA premises. The TransformingTransport team made out of a multidisciplinary group of scientists and software engineers, transport experts and industrial representatives, collaborated in a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere. They all got to know each other and discussed over the two days the all facets of the project development activities. Below is the first photo of the enthusiastic group!