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Webinar: Big Data in the Transport and Logistics Domains - TransformingTransport

We are pleased to announce a webinar on Big Data in the Transport and Logistics Domains - TransformingTransport. One of the BDVe webinar series, it takes place on Tuesday, 15/01 at 12:00 CET.

After two years running, the TransformingTransport Horizon 2020 project is reaching a mature state and a plethora of results. Data in the Transport and Logistics domains is being obtained from a variety of data sources and analysed to provide value, metrics and insights to the companies and organizations involved in 13 pilots carried out within the project.

In this webinar we are going to dive into the lessons learned, pitfalls and best practices not only from the technical side, but focusing in the business and innovation potential of big data technologies applied to those two sectors. The transformation has already begun.

The TransformingTransport partners, Tonny Velin (Answare) and Andreas Metzger (paluno), will guide you through these topics.

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