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  • 29 May, 2017

TransformingTransport in the ITF 2017 Summit!

TransformingTransport participated to the three-day International Transport Forum (ITF) 2017 Summit on 31/05 – 2/06/2017 in Leipzig, Germany with a presentation during the Open Stage Café on the first day of the event and the project stand at the event’s exhibition showcasing its work to more than 1 000 decision-makers from government and business, academia and media from around 70 countries. 

The Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum is the premier global transport policy event. Since 2008, the Summit brings together ministers from around the world to share policy perspectives with CEOs, heads of international organisations, thought leaders from civil society and academia, and the media. This vibrant conference addresses strategic and topical issues across all transport modes where participants can engage in the debate through a variety of session formats.

The ITF’s 2017 Summit on Governance of Transport explored the trends shaping transport governance and identify the most pressing challenges in the transport sector. Through the governance lens, it focused on infrastructure, global connectivity, the right regulation for innovation, and urban access and mobility. 

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