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D3.13_Policy recommendations D3.13_Policy recommendations, (July 2019)
D2.4 Lessons Learned through cross-pilot analysis D2.4 Lessons Learned through cross-pilot analysis, (June 2019)
D4.3 SMART HIGHWAYS Release 1, (June 2018)
D7.3 Ports as Intelligent Logistics Hubs Release 1, (June 2018)
D10.3 Dynamic Supply Networks Release 1, (June 2018)
D5.3 Connected Vehicles Pilots Release 1, (June 2018)
D8.3 Smart Airport Turnaround Release 1, (June 2018)
D6.3 Proactive Rail Infrastructure Release 1, (June 2018)
D9.3 Integrated Urban Mobility Release 1, (June 2018)
D3.8 KPI Assessment Framework, (July 2017)
D3.10 Period 1 Impact Report and Plan, (July 2017)
D1.3 Data Management Approach, (June 2017)
D3.9 Open Data Portal, (June 2017)
D2.2 Analysis of Pilot Requirements for Big Data Use, (May 2017)
D3.7 Initial Impact Plan, (May 2017)
D6.1 Proactive rail infrastructures pilots design, (March 2017)
D9.1 Integrated Urban Mobility Pilot Design, (March 2017)
D4.1 Smart Highways Pilots Coordination & Design, (March 2017)
D7.1 Ports Pilot Design, (March 2017)
D10.1 Dynamic Supply Chain Networks Pilots Design, (March 2017)
D3.2 Data Management Plan, (March 2017)
D5.1 Connected vehicles pilots design, (March 2017)
D8.1 Smart Airport Turnaround Pilot Design, (March 2017)
D1.1 Project Management Handbook, (February 2017)
D2.1 Pilot Coordination, (February 2017)
D3.1 TransformingTransport Website, (February 2017)