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TransformingTransport is organising a session at the EBDVF 2018

TransformingTransport is organising a session on “Making transport more sustainable and efficient” at the EBDVF 2018. After the great success of EBDVF17, the new edition of the European Big Data Value Forum will be held in Vienna from the 12th to the 14th of November 2018.

Big data plays a significant role in working towards the resolution of the various challenges inclusive on how smart cities and companies obtain their transportation targets and use and deploy ICT to enhance their transportation networks. Thanks to modern technology, data collection tools and analytics don’t have to slow transportation professionals down anymore in fact, these tools can be some of planners’ most valuable assets. To discuss all these challenges TT invites willing contributors on a dedicated session that can showcase sustainable and efficient big data solutions in the domains of logistics, aviation and rail.

The session will further reach out to the audience during and after the various presentations to gather valuable feedback that aims in the formation of a common policy roadmap relating to the topics identified for big data in transport. Ultimately, the results of the session, as fed by experts (including attendees of EBDVF 2018), will enable the identification of industry-led recommendations in relation to big data, with a focus on the transport sector to challenge the identified opportunities, barriers and limitation to exploit big data to achieve efficiency.

The European Big Data Value Forum is a key European event for industry professionals, business developers, researchers, and policymakers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the European data economy and data-driven innovation in Europe.

TT strong presence at the 25th ITS World Congress

TransformingTransport participated in full force with two papers in technical sessions (Open data and Information and City scale & ITS planning), a paper presentation at the special interest session (Ensuring a Network for Logistics Data Exchange) and a dedicated stand at the exhibition area of the event.

The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) World Congress titled “ITS – Quality of Life” took place in the Danish capital of Copenhagen from 17 to 21 September 2018 and gathered close to 4,000 delegates and 10,000 visitors. The ITS Congress is the largest trade fair for experts in the field of intelligent transportation. The conference, organized by ERTICO – ITS Europe, serves as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience, networking and discussions, as well as the creation of future ideas and their development.

TransformingTransport at CIVITAS Forum Conference 2018

TransformingTransport unfolded the achievements of its 4 Pilots during the parallel session on Big Data on the last day of this important event. At the same time, at the project's exhibition stand, the conference visitors had a possibility to discuss with our experts and check our printed material.

This year's CIVITAS Forum Conference took place from 19-21 September in Umeå, Sweden. The 16th edition of Europe's premier sustainable mobility event brought together the CIVITAS community from across the continent and beyond. Over three days, hundreds of policymakers, city representatives, academics, and practitioners came together to debate pressing topics surrounding sustainable urban mobility and witness the pioneering solutions bringing cleaner, better transport to Europe.

TT and the Sustainable Connected Trucks Pilot were presented at the International Urban Freight Peer Exchange, Baltimore, MD, the USA

TransformingTransport and the Sustainable Connected Trucks Pilot were presented in front of an international community of freight practitioners during the 2018 International Urban Freight Peer Exchange (IPEX), that took place on September 11-12, 2018 in Baltimore, MD, United States.

The event was organised jointly by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the European Commission Directorate-General of Mobility and Transport (DG-MOVE) in the context of the US-EC Twinning Initiative, which seeks to develop and disseminate noteworthy urban freight practices and to connect urban freight practitioners from North America and Europe. The event highlighted key US-EC Twinning Initiative research and development projects, and provided opportunities for discussion on a range of topics, including first- and last-mile deliveries, freight and land use, uses of alternative fuels for freight vehicles, and social, political, and economic trends affecting freight and logistics.

TransformingTransport will be among the proud exhibitors at ICT 2018!

TransformingTransport is proud to announce its participation to ICT 2018: Imagine Digital - Connect Europe, the major event organised by the European Commission and the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

ICT 2018 will take place in Vienna on 4-6 December 2018. This research and innovation event will focus on the European Union’s priorities in the digital transformation of society and industry. It will present an opportunity for the people involved in this transformation to share their experience and vision of Europe in the digital age.

TT will be present with its own stand to provide visitors with the possibility for exchanging ideas and discussing with project partners and taking the sector some steps further. We will showcase live demonstrations for how to exploit Big Data for real-time decision making for transport operations, showcasing results from 13 pilots, each addressing challenges and business needs of European transport operators. Visitors will gain hands-on experience on the capabilities of data analytics and visualisation solutions. Our Big Data scientists will explain in detail the developments of all elements in the pilots: algorithms, modelling, visualization, etc., as well as the impact of the data economy on activities of airports, rail, roads, and ports.

TransformingTransport first review meeting in Valencia

The TransformingTransport first and very successful review meeting took place on 6 – 7 September 2018 in Valencia, Spain.

The two-day event is proudly hosted by the project partner Instituto Tecnológico de Informática (ITI), Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and included a pilot visit at the port of Valencia.

Our Big Data scientists explained in detail the developments of all elements in the pilots: algorithms, modelling, visualisation, etc., as well as the impact of the data economy on activities of airports, rail, roads, and ports.

TransformingTransport at the 6th Maximising Non-Aeronautical Revenue Summit (Singapore, 26-29 June)

TT partner Athens International Airport participated at the 6th Maximising Non-Aeronautical Revenue Summit 2018 that took place in Singapore this June to present the TT Smart Passengers Flow Pilot and its initial results in front of the global airports’ commercial leaders.

As the world’s most focused forum for Non-aviation commercial, over 16 airport leaders at 6th Maximising Non-Aeronautical Revenue Summit 2018 presented exclusive, invaluable lessons learned and best practices in maximising revenue opportunities. This year, the leading airports’ operators including GVK, Angkasa Pura, ANA, OAMC, Eindhoven Airport, GMR, Aeroports de Catalunya, Edinburgh Airport, Athens Airport, Brussels Airport, and many more, disclosed their unparalleled strategies to minimise opportunities loss in airports’ commercialised spaces, to improve passenger satisfaction and to grow concessionaires’ profitability.

TT's Intelligent Transport Solutions Presented at 2nd Trans-Atlantic Symposium on ICT Technology and Policy (USA June 18-19, 2018)

The intelligent Big Data solutions developed by TransformingTransport were presented during the panel on “Big Data Research & Innovation and Workforce Development” that was organized as part of the 2nd Trans-Atlantic Symposium on ICT Technology and Policy, Washington, DC,. The symposium brought together around 80 experts from Europe and the US to jointly discuss novel avenues for collaboration.

The panel discussed the innovations made possible by big data technology and also the need for a skilled workforce to bring these innovations to market. Dr. Andreas Metzger from paluno (The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology of the University of Duisburg-Essen) and Technical Coordinator of TransformingTransport, presented the innovations for big data in transportation produced by TransformingTransport.

The presentation slides can be downloaded at:

Video is also available at:

Active contribution of TransformingTransport to IoT Week 2018 (Bilbao, Spain, June 2018)

IOT Week with about 180 sessions, over 265 speakers and activities and  over 850 experts actively engaged in the Internet of Things domain, turned out to be the key IoT event in Europe.

Transforming Transport gave a presentation in the session titled Creating value by AI and Big Data: Industrial Applications, Challenges and Outlooks, which was shared with representatives from the BDVA and other BDV PPP projects in order to strengthen the position of Big Data topic at the IoT week.

TransformingTransport PCC and HLAB meeting in Malaga, Spain

The project Management and the High Level Advisory Board (HLAB) meeting took place on 29-30 May in Malaga, Spain.

The two-day event was kindly hosted by the project partner ADIF - CENTRO DE TECNOLOGÍAS FERROVIARIAS.

Major updates and the main results achieved during the first half of the project have been discussed with the Advisory Board and the decisions on the next steps have been taken. 

Pilot demonstrations followed and round-table discussions, comments & recommendations by the HLAB for the project.

The project partners and the HLAB members visited the Smart Highway Pilot, namely the Ausol Highway.