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TT and the Sustainable Connected Trucks Pilot were presented at the International Urban Freight Peer Exchange, Baltimore, MD, the USA


TransformingTransport and the Sustainable Connected Trucks Pilot were presented in front of an international community of freight practitioners during the 2018 International Urban Freight Peer Exchange (IPEX), that took place on September 11-12, 2018 in Baltimore, MD, United States.

The event was organised jointly by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the European Commission Directorate-General of Mobility and Transport (DG-MOVE) in the context of the US-EC Twinning Initiative, which seeks to develop and disseminate noteworthy urban freight practices and to connect urban freight practitioners from North America and Europe. The event highlighted key US-EC Twinning Initiative research and development projects, and provided opportunities for discussion on a range of topics, including first- and last-mile deliveries, freight and land use, uses of alternative fuels for freight vehicles, and social, political, and economic trends affecting freight and logistics.