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Valladolid Integrated Urban Mobility and Freight Pilot

Valladolid will replicate urban transport solutions developed in the city of Tampere. For the integrated urban mobility and freight pilot the main objective is to improve freight delivery within the city, and especially inside the historic center. Some of the expected benefits are: a reduction of the freight delivery related traffic volume, less pollution and an optimized use of load and unload zones.

Valladolid Integrated Urban Mobility and Freight Pilot

The local pilot in Valladolid is being developed by a team coordinated by CARTIF Technology Center and made up by Valladolid City Council and Grupo Lince at local level, and TomTom and PTV from Germany. Further to the replication of Tampere solutions, Valladolid will also develop specific ones to cover the city needs. The most remarkable development will be a traffic simulation model that will include actual information from vehicles circulating along the city. This model will be very useful to predict the effect of local traffic regulation policies (e.g. regarding load & unload zones) on traffic and freight delivery within the city.

This model will allow Valladolid City Council to take decisions affecting freight delivery, while last mile delivery companies will profit from an optimized management of current resources.

Actual data from traffic flow has been provided by Valladolid City Council to develop this model. Additional information has been extracted from meteorological data, and the whole set will be finally analysed by means of a knowledge extraction process that will be the basis to describe traffic evolution within the city. Different scenarios proposed by the City Council will be simulated, so that it will be possible to assess the effects of different potential new policies on the last mile delivery.